Modeling Organizations

One of my favorite things about High Output Management was the way Andy Grove treated managing organizations as a special case of managing systems. He starts off his book with a model of a company as a breakfast factory.

Similarly, Acolyer in this blog post applies ideas from optimizing distributed systems to the scaling of organizations:

I was thinking about the advice I should give to the CTO of a fast-growing company struggling to maintain velocity amongst all the competing demands on his time. And it occurred to me that the Universal Scalability Law has a lot to say about this situation.

This also reminds me of Will Larson’s posts lately on systems modeling of organizations, such as this one on modeling reliability of an organization:

We’re doing an annual strategy refresh on how we’ll approach security, reliability and such, and incorporating modeling into developing these strategies has been a surprisingly effective brainstorming tool.

I’ve found posts like these to be very useful, so hopefully you will, too.