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Users Know: STFU About What Women Want

Here is a good response to the really strange blog post by Penelope Trunk:

When a publication like TechCrunch spews some nonsense about what women want, it means that the next time I go into an interview with a male founder (and they are overwhelmingly male for some reason that I’m not going to address here, but that Penelope assures us has nothing to do with bias) who has read that nonsense, he may be thinking, consciously or subconsciously, “she doesn’t really want to work at this startup because she wants to have a baby.”

And frankly, that sucks for me and all the other women like me. Oh, did I mention that there are lots of other women like me? There are.

I thought Penelope Trunk’s post was very strange. It’s not like there are too many people saying “it isn’t good that women are choosing to stay at home instead of working.” Sure, some women might feel guilty about staying at home instead of taking some sort of ambitious career, but I bet far more women today feel guilty about choosing that more ambitious career over staying at home. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with either choice (nor are they necessarily mutually exclusive if partners/men actually start helping out), and making people feel guilty about a choice that doesn’t fit what they want isn’t good, but there’s also doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with encouraging women to break into currently male-dominated fields.