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Science museums for adults

The Nature Research Center sounds like a pretty neat idea, part presentation space and part lab science space:

At regular intervals during the day, scientists will present to NRC visitors using the cutting edge technology and media of the SECU Daily Planet and its 40×40-foot, high-definition screen.

The NRC features research labs where scientists from the Museum, UNC System Schools, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, or visiting scientists conduct their research while visitors observe “science in action.”

There will also be three Investigate Labs designed for visitors. These spaces provide visitors with a set of hands-on activities and research skill-building exercises to guide them through the process of using scientific tools and conducting scientific inquiry. Most experiences here will be designed and led by Museum educators, scientists and their graduate students.

It always seemed like there wasn’t enough science in science museums aimed towards adults. After all, adults have plenty to learn about science. My mother, for example, took her last science class before I was born, which was in the 1980s, and yet besides a few exhibits in natural history museums, and some optical illusions, the vast majority of science museums definitely cater to the kids out there.

Congratulations, by the way, to David Kroll of Terra Sigilata and Take as Directed, who is the new head of Science Communications Director in a new wing of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.