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Carolyn Maloney parroting Elsevier lines

Michael Eisen shows that Rep. Carolyn Maloney has entire sentences and phrases identical to blog comments written by an Elsevier VP for Global Corporate Relations:

The comments on my blog were clearly Reller—his writing was natural and engaged directly with what other people were saying, so I’m sure he wasn’t just spouting prepared text. There are only two viable explanations for how essentially the same text ended up in Maloney’s letter. Either she copied it from my blog without citing its source (a clear violation of the Creative Commons Attribution license that governs all content on the site), or, Reller wrote the letter, either directly, or indirectly by preparing text that Maloney’s office could use to defend the bill. So Rep. Maloney [is] a plagiarist or an Elsevier puppet.


So, given the history of their campaign contributions to Rep Maloney, I’m not really surprised to find that Elsevier’s fingers would be all over this bill and Rep Maloney’s defense of it.

Go to the link for the relevant passages compared side-by-side.