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A new blog format

It’s 2012, and that means it’s time for another blog format change!

I’ve decided in more recent times to start eschewing cloud services in favor of remote solutions more directly under my control. Moving this blog to a new format and off of Tumblr, is one small step. (The occasional server problems at Tumblr and my need to tinker with things served to catalyze this particular project).

Will I be able to keep this up? We’ll see. For now, though, I have a custom Hakyll/Haskell script translating my Markdown files into static HTML, which I can then upload and serve from basically anywhere. My blog posts are therefore portable, future-proof, implementation-independent (sort of), and easily version-controlled using git. Hopefully, this will be a robust and ultimately long-lived solution; maybe I’ll finally stop migrating blog services every two years or so.